Singoutkiwi Programme

Updated: Feb 25, 2018

The “Sing Out Kiwi” programme was conceived and developed by me to help enable children to write, record and perform their own songs in 1990.

Designed for 8 to 12 year old school children, the Sing Out Kiwi Programme extends students and introduces them to exciting creative experiences.

Songs of New Zealand

The programme encourages students to think about their world then write songs about New Zealand and its unique environment. They express how they feel about where they live, their life, the world and the wildlife in it.

Along with children from Canterbury, we have completed their first album of New Zealand environmental songs. Some of the songs have been sung to heads of state on special occasions, including a Royal Performance in 1992.

The songs have achieved international acclaim, giving children a voice to the world, while at the same time being ambassadors for their country.

Sing Out Kiwi – Ukulele for children

Roger introduced ukulele into his early childhood teacher training programme in 1995, the ukulele has now become a very popular instrument in the classroom today.

Sing Out Kiwi – Teacher Training

Roger offers teacher training to any teachers who are interested in learning new ways to involve children with the versatile little ukulele. Children and teachers are taught how to play the instrument, a recording is made on site of the singing sessions, a CD is then created on site and left as a permanent resource for future use in the classroom. Roger also teaches song writing to junior class teachers.

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