A good story!

Updated: Feb 25, 2018

I have always loved a good story, so when I was introduced to bush poetry at the Cardrona Folk Festival in 1989, it was no surprise that I was captured.

At school, I had little time for English studies, language or poetry. Perhaps due to my Irish lineage, however, when I wanted to tell a story, I could usually find a way of expressing myself.

I wrote my first song when my late wife, Penny, was diagnosed with cancer and my world was falling apart. When I started an environmental group, the Friends of the Avon Heathcote Estuary, Penny suggested I join Toastmasters to learn how to chair a meeting. It was during this time that I was asked to enter a humorous speech competition and that was when I wrote my first bush ballad ‘the Royal flush’.

Over the following years I have nurtured the art of writing ballads in verse. I have been given many performance opportunities and often been asked for copies of my verse. A digital copy is available to download on my site.

Join me on my wanderings through the mind of a New Zealand Cocky! I think you will like the travels!

Click here to listen to an excerpt and buy the CD!

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